I collaborate with Realtors to increase volume & productivity that benefits clients with more comprehensive legal & tax representation.

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Let’s Collaborate! Ask me about:

  • Unique Lead Generation Data
  • More Seller Listings
  • More Buyer Representations
  • More Referrals!
  • Legal / Tax / Real Estate Advice
  • Complimentary Strategy Sessions
  • Satisfied / Protected Clientele


We help Sellers achieve their goals through informed decision-making supported by facts & legal / tax / real estate/ practical advice.

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Our team provides & promotes:


Tech-Smart, we help Buyers navigate & process data in order to make informed decisions about which properties to target & why.

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My expertise & team:

  • Instills Peace of Mind
  • Boosts Confidence in Negotiations
  • I provide Legal / Tax / Real Estate Advice
  • Gathers & Explains a Myriad of Data
  • Helps You ACT on Relevant Data

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I collaborate with Realtors, Sellers, and Buyers to enhance real estate efforts, aspirations, and dreams. I am fact-based and solution driven. With 30+ years expertise as a real estate Attorney/Realtor, independent Broker, I bring depth to the process.

All participants use my Attorney-Realtor Licensure and Dynamic Lead Generation and Deep Dive Data Background Checking to leverage:

  • increased market share,
  • list property,
  • identify prospective homes,
  • power negotiate,
  • and more!


Supplement your existing book of business with a customized marketing program of dynamic leads. I add value as a Team member!


As a licensed Realtor®-Broker/Attorney, my participation is your key to successful, profitable, and comprehensive listing representation.


Increased knowledge about targeted properties & sellers sets the difference between pursuing a home … or not. My team helps you secure the right property on favorable terms for the right reasons.