5 Traits to Look for in Your Real Estate Professional

At its core, Sellers / Buyers require real estate representation from professionals who have a great reputation & the skill set to actually deliver superior services. Your selection of a representative has a significant impact on your finances and transactional confidence.

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I have the skill set to deliver superior services

I have the skill set to deliver superior services

1. Creativity – Problem Solving

Some transactions go precisely as planned; others – many others – get messy.

  • It behooves you to find someone who has the experience and creative problem-solving skill to help you – just in case the going gets tough.
    • methodically think through the facts,
    • propose actionable alternatives,
    • propose solutions and
    • engineer obstacle workarounds
  • Reality Check. Contending with all real estate issues, particularly in litigious California, is intertwined with legal / tax consequences that requires involvement of an attorney who understands real estate from the inside out.

2. Deep Varied Expertise

Buying or selling a home is as much a lifestyle design experience as it is a financial transaction. You want a Realtor that’s an eager partner with you.

  • You deserve a professional with a deep understanding of
    • homes, neighborhoods and local real estate market metrics,
    • contracts, law and taxes, and
    • someone who deeply embraces the home buying or selling process
  • My team affords you the expertise of TWO professionals who represent your best interests.
  • My skill set is 30+ years deep as a Broker & Attorney
    • I have represented $~300 MIL in distressed property values

3. Calm Resilience – Peace of Mind

When you lose out on a home to other offers, it can feel like the end of the world. When you list your home, stage it to the nines, but receive not a single offer, feelings of discouragement and frustration can easily arise.

  • A great representative can bring a massive, game-changing dose of calm resilience to the table.
  • I have / My team has been through all this before.
  • We know that there are lots of homes and lots of buyers out there, so losing out on any one is not the ‘end’.
  • We also know how to discern deal breaking concerns.
  • A key cornerstone to my representation is “communication.” Helping you make informed decisions from continuous quality advice is key to keeping the process moving forward.
  • The more we stay connected, the more likely we are to achieve your objectives.

4. Optimism & Candid Communication

You want – NO – you NEED your agent to be frankly honest.

  • Sellers, you cannot afford to have an agent who will let you persist in fantasy-land beliefs about what your home is worth without challenging you to look at the data & adjust your pricing strategy.
  • Buyers, you cannot afford to work with an agent who encourages or allows you to make 5, 10, or 15 lowball offers on a home without urging you to face the truth that you need to house hunt at lower price points or make higher offers in order to be successful.
  • You need a real estate professional who is willing to tell you the candid truth and have these sorts of hard conversations with you even when you won’t like it.
  • My team possesses frank integrity & an ultimate optimism that, with right thinking and strategic action, will ultimately ensure your success.

5. Bandwidth – Time for You?

This one might sound strange, but it can be difficult to benefit from having the “best agent” if the agent is too busy to respond to calls and emails.

  • By contrast, “the” cornerstone of my of services is communications!
  • I employ a methodology that fosters meaningful communications throughout a representation – it is precise & frequent. I leave a digital footprint that makes conveying important data accurate when it matters. paperlessUSA.com