Leverage a Competitive Team Advantage

A USP comes from having an edge over competition that pulls prospects toward you over others. Today, prospects demand better & more comprehensive representation.

How would you shape your business knowing you could 1/ target & vet prospects, 2/ provide specific messaging on topics that most interest them, AND 3/ provide legal and tax advice?

What would it be like to have an independent, experienced, active, licensed Realtor®-Broker / Attorney working with you on select transactions – a professional who shares your goals?

And, more than just an Attorney-Realtor® participating in the deal, how about access to customized leads generated from reliable sources – dynamic (fresh every time generated), vetted, and with detailed legal background information that makes negotiating more precise?

GROWTH | Volume & Market Penetration
With this USP / Competitive Advantage, your business will grow and revenues will increase while ensuring that clients are best-represented!

Let's Work Together

Let’s Work Together to Achieve Your Goals!

Attorney-Realtor Collaboration – What it Means to You

With 30+ years legal, real estate, tax & marketing expertise, I help:

  • Target right prospects for right reasons
  • Create specific messaging
  • Communicate through various social, print, & other media
  • Background check participants
  • Negotiate from position of power with Attorney-Broker partner
  • Turn your business into a volume based one
  • Increase market penetration
  • Increase revenues
  • Most of all, Sellers and Buyers benefit from legal and tax advice DURING the transaction!

Call / Email for more information and to schedule a meeting!

  • Which messaging media works best (i.e., Social Media, websites, customized letters & postcards, door hangers, etc.) depends largely on the selected criteria and targeted prospects.
  • Targeted data pulls and frequency of communications depends on selected prospects & messaging.